What We Do...

When you’re featured in a LOCAL EXPERTS GUIDE online interview, we produce a “Primetime News Style” video that follows our proven process to position You & Your Company as THE Expert for your Niche, in your City!

Then, we optimize the video for the exact keywords people are searching for online when they’re looking for your services & we syndicate that video to over 300 Online Media Outlets!

Note: We also provide you with a personal copy of the video file for use on your website & other marketing!

What It Means For You...

Well...it means that, when local prospects are searching online for services you can provide, your video interview will be one of the first things they see!

Because we syndicate it to so many powerful media outlets online, Google recognizes your video as High Authority Content & gives it a priority ranking over competitors' sites in your area!

Basically, when local people search for terms related to your business...you AUTOMATICALLY show up as the Trusted Advisor in your community!

Want To See An Example? Sure Thing! Let Me Introduce You To Dr. Bill!

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After we produced this video for Dr. Bill...his call volume shot through the roof & it's easy to see why!

  1. Whenever people in his local area search for any terms associated with cosmetic dentistry...Dr. Bill's face & video is one of the first things they see!
  2. His advice on how to choose the best dentist becomes rooted in prospects' minds & who do you think they learn to trust after hearing his words?

You guessed it! They trust Dr. Bill!

And, YES...we can create a video like this for YOU, no matter your field of expertise!

IMPORTANT: We only work with ONE expert per Niche, per City, so...don't let a competitor beat you to it!

Your Video Is GUARANTEED To Be Seen!

Don't believe me?  That's OK!  Just open up a new browser window right now & Google: "Cosmetic Dentist Lake Park"

What's the first thing you notice on the page?  That guy look familiar to you?! 🙂

Well, guess what...he looks familiar to everyone in his market, as well!  And, that's why he dominates it!

So, how'd we get Dr. Bill that coveted position...

It's a result of the media syndication we did for him!

As mentioned above...we'll syndicate your interview AND your business to over 300 Online Media Outlets!

We order a full professional Online Press Release for your video interview that goes out to our network of high authority websites...including ABC, CBS, NBC & Fox affiliate sites!

We also provide you with a report that shows you all of your links on all 300 to 400+ media sites that picked up your promotional Press Release.

Sample Report...


If you've bothered to read this far, I can only assume it's because you see the immense value this can bring to your business.

If that's the case, please click on the button below & schedule a call to learn more.

No Pressure & No Obligation!

In fact, we ONLY want to work with businesses that meet the following criteria...

  1. Provide Excellent Service to Their Clients.
  2. Are Actively Looking to Grow Their Business.
  3. Recognize the Importance their Online Reputation plays in Getting New Clients!

Is that YOU?!

Next Steps...

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